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Since 1998, schools have benefited from the services of dentists affiliated with Tooth Mobile, who have treated at-risk children from low-income families. Since then, school administrators and officials have reported the effects of our dental care on their students. Many of these educators have witnessed the changes resulting from a child's first dental visit or relief from dental pain.
Parents have also described how Tooth Mobile's services have made quality dental care a reality, sometimes for the first time. Too many California parents encounter significant obstacles when trying to arrange consistent dental visits for their children. The uninsured wonder how they can possibly afford those medical services. Others worry about how they will take time off work to accompany their child to the dentist. Most parents worry about both: They lack not only the means of paying for dental services but also the option of sacrificing time from their jobs. Tooth Mobile strives to ease the burdens and anxieties of these parents by providing their children with exceptional dental care during school hours.
School officials and parents have written us countless letters, and we would like to share some of their feedback.

"Words will never be able to express what you have done for us. Our test scores jumped twenty points last year and you helped make that happen… You are always welcome."
Doug Escheman, Principal
Mary Couillaud School

"The Tooth Mobile's visit generated quite bit of excitement and discussion on campus. Parents were grateful for the opportunity to have their young children-and themselves-examined… everyone left the Tooth Mobile with a smile on their face."
Paul W. Hamann, Executive Director
Families on Track

"We were so pleased with our initial visit and the response from the children was overwhelming. We also would like to acknowledge the technicians who were working with us that week. There were so kind and gentle with all the students…"
Colleen Stricklin, Health Aide
Yuba City Unified School District

"You came in and relieved many, many children of constant pain. These children have endured and now that you have taken the pain away, we can go forward with their academics."
Doug Escheman, Principal
Mary Couillaud School

"Tooth Mobile worked long hours to resolve the dental needs of twenty of our students… and was a real gift to our school."
Jennifer Andrade, School Nurse
Moreland School District

"I just want to share the story of Angelina with you…"
Mary Couillaud School District


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